Today many people work remotely. Some find it more productive and less disruptive to work away from the office and to work at home.

However, home too can have its distractions, especially if one has company or lacks discipline.

Thus, it’s a common phenomenon to see people working from a coffee shop as to many it doesn’t feel like work. They tend to feel more relaxed in the environment and that it’s a nice break from the office. Working in the environment of a coffee shop is especially beneficial if one doesn’t have an office.

When working from home, most people get up to make themselves several cups of coffee during the day. Being in a coffee shop allows easy access to caffeine. They find that the act of going from one’s office to a coffee shop gets the creative juices flowing. It feels like everything is available right there should they feel like coffee or a snack. This can be done by simply ordering from the waitron as opposed to getting up and breaking one’s train of thought.

An additional bonus is that one gets a whole lot of unexpected input that changes one’s perspective for the moment (i.e. snatches of conversation, songs on the radio, odd posters on the wall). Many find it to be an environment that offers fewer distractions. Working from home or the office, one easily finds other things to do like cleaning one’s desk, filing or tossing paper clips over the cubicle wall.

Being in the office, colleagues want to talk in hushed tones and this makes one feel that one must appear busier than what one is. One focusses on the most creative projects as one chooses what content to bring along to the coffee shop. For many, it feels good being part of a community — even if the community disbands after the second cappuccino. There is action around but not that one has to partake in. Old patterns are interrupted while new patterns emerge.

If one goes back to the same coffee shop repeatedly, one develops trusting relationships with some of the other regulars — sharing enthusiasm, feedback and croissants. However, be careful not to waste too much time in engaging as a distraction from one’s task.

One still needs to remain focused to complete the task at hand.

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