It’s an interesting phenomenon as to what makes people function! Why is it that so many people choose Reload as their favourite go to place!

Well we have observed this very closely and identified what the answer is. What’s awesome to know is that, there are several answers.

As Kilaan, the owner of RELOAD, is a keen nature lover, he has created a natural marriage between his coffee beans and his foliage. These are two key signature ingredients of each store.

So, we have determined that both coffee lovers and those who love plants are drawn to RELOAD PIAZZA SQUARE, RELOAD FLAMINGO SQUARE and RELOAD LEADVILLE.

Besides this, every RELOAD store offers an indoor and outdoor area which again appeals to nature lovers who wish to inhale the fresh air and feel the crisp breeze on their skin. The outside area is both pet and child friendly as a playground is available at the PIAZZA and the FLAMINGO stores.

Many patrons enjoy the relaxing ambience which provides them with the tranquillity to work for hours on their laptops while being waited on. Be it Americanos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Espressos, Hot chocolate, Red Cappuccinos, health drinks or Smoothies, drinks are really a “waitron” away. Of course, this holds true for light snacks, sweet delights, breakfasts and lunches alike.  One is spoilt for choice with such a varied menu appealing to all tastes. This makes working or studying at any of the three stores comfortable and convenient.

As much as RELOAD’S patrons are drawn to their fabulous coffee, the food is always fresh, beautifully presented and tantalising to the taste buds.RELOAD only uses fresh ingredients of which many are home grown. Patrons love the fact that there are many healthy choices. The menu has many meals that are based on the Mediterranean lifestyle diet which is extremely healthy. While patrons enjoy the tastiest of meals, it is a bonus that they can still eat healthily and love what they eat.

The bagels and seed loaves which are made onsite, are another big reason why patrons keep boomeranging. They are the best bake off in town and people love buying them on the run, or to take home.

All these reasons make RELOAD a firm favourite and first choice as the best Coffee Bar in the hood! If you haven’t been to RELOAD yet, come and join us and bring your friends.

RELOAD will become your favourite “go-to” place too

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