What can one expect when reheating coffee!


While one can reheat coffee, be advised that there will be some things to consider as some vital changes will occur.

The flavour itself will change and it will taste stale. The aroma will be severely negatively affected.

So, if one is drinking coffee purely for a quick caffeine fix- go ahead and reheat it! However, this is never recommended.

If one is reheating one’s coffee and hoping to drink an enjoyable cup – think again!

For real connoisseurs of coffee, this would be a practise never to be considered. They would feel insulted at the very suggestion!  Who would ever do the disservice to their favourite coffee! The short answer is “Just dump it” and make a new cup!

The flavour of coffee changes significantly as it heats and cools. Usually, the most robust qualities of coffee are in hot, fresh cups. However, great coffees maintain interesting characteristics as they cool. However, it is by no means what any coffee lover would advocate, to reheat coffee.

The short answer is that reheating coffee will be a lot less enjoyable because the original aroma and taste will lose presence. For a little bit more time and effort, make a fresh hot cup of coffee and enjoy it to its fullest capacity.

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