Unusual Uses of Coffee


Use Coffee in Unusual Yet Useful Ways

You do not have to be a passionate coffee drinker to appreciate the value of coffee. It could be coffee beans, a cup of coffee or used coffee grounds that can make your life easier when you use them smart. Next time you brew a pot, remember to keep the used coffee grounds. They can continue to be useful even after you have finished your cup.

Alternative coffee usage can be applied diversely to provide an inexpensive way to complete a range of household tasks – in the garden, for decoration or in the kitchen. Used coffee grounds could also be a good choice for those preferring natural cosmetics.

It is mainly the texture of coffee grounds that one can utilize to scrub any surface. By using them for exfoliating you can easily get rid of dead skin. The grainy texture will also make it much easier to remove the greasy dirt from your grill.

Unused coffee grounds are exceptional in absorbing any odour. To deodorise your fridge or get rid of stinky hands after using garlic or salmon, coffee grounds are the right choice.

The following infographic by Market Inspector rounds up 12 tips how to use coffee in unusual, yet useful way.

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