Review on Leadville Reload Espresso Bar

A friend and I popped down to Leadville on Saturday. It was a wonderful day and the sun was shining.

It was so nice to see how the grass has grown due to our heavy rains and that as a result, the dogs were back at play, and there were plenty of them.

The restaurant was nice and quiet and relaxing, so we could just sit back and enjoy which is what we had planned to do. It’s a lovely place to go to if one wants to enjoy a quiet chat.

I love the chocolate milkshakes that Reload makes so I enjoyed one of those. My friend who is a coffee lover, had the Americano.

The menu has extensive choices, so it took some time to decide. My friend is a vegetarian, so she only looked at what was relevant to her. She was really shocked at the copious choices and struggled to choose as so much appealed to her. She had the Quinoa burger which she thoroughly enjoyed and said that she wants to come back and go through the entire menu.

I ordered the gypsy ham and cheese tramezzini which was wonderful. We both ordered chips which are an additional side order.

Besides enjoying the food, we found it so airy and spacious and really a lovely place to chill.

The warm sunshine on a Winters Day made it super.

The atmosphere is great, especially for dog lovers. We enjoyed watching so many dogs frolicking around, running in and out through the restaurant, that it really makes for a unique place to go to. The dogs were all playing and barking and the people all looked so happy and relaxed. A couple sat at the high bench drinking coffee and watching their dogs. The concept is extremely clever and so great to have somewhere where one can have a quiet coffee or a light delicious meal.

Mrs Samuelson

Sunningdale 21 July 2018