Review of Reload Espresso Bar Flamingo Square 20 August

As a regular of my favourite coffee bar, I popped in with my husband on Saturday morning for a quick breakfast before venturing on to do our shopping at Woolies.

I have found a new fix – the Café Mocha. I just can’t get enough of it. Without a shadow of a doubt, Reload makes the best Mocha. My husband enjoyed a double espresso which is always good.

The fact that the bagels were on display in a premium position, enticed us each to have a one. We always go for the onion ones and buy a few to take home. It is not often that they really see the breadbin as we eat them like children eat sweets. They are so delicious.

I had mine with mashed avo and my husband’s one had Gypsy ham and cheese. I can never finish mine, so my husband ate his one and half of mine. The bagels never disappoint.

It was nice and quiet, as well as cool sitting inside, as Saturday was a warm day and the outside area was fairly busy.

Because we are such avid bagel lovers, I wanted to share our experience, because very few places in Cape Town make the authentic bagel by first boiling it. When I heard that Reload does this, it explained why their bagels really do have the edge.

Well done Reload.

Stella Stelson

Flamingo Vlei