Review of Leadville November 2018

After experiencing the most delicious lunch on Sunday at Reload, Leadville  Dog Park, I felt that I wanted to write a review. I am not sure how well it is known, and it really should be.

I had seen it on Facebook so decided to visit, so called my dog – friend to join me.

It is not something that I normally do.

A quiet haven, a place to quietly sit and ponder and really enjoy the food, Reload really doesn’t disappoint. It is wonderful to sit and watch the doggies enjoying themselves, frolicking and socialising in the park. The only upset is the evidence of the drought and how dry the park is. Nonetheless, this doesn’t ruin the fun for fur pets.

I ordered the Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Bagel. The pork is cooked for 8 hours according to the menu. This certainly explains the tenderness of the meat. It is so tender and tasty and very much enjoyed.

My friend’s dog ran around while we enjoyed watching him from one of the outside tables. Great idea, we thought!

He ordered a bacon and mozzarella burger which came with very fresh chips straight from the fryer! He raved about the burger and seeing the mozzarella running down over the meat, showed absolute freshness. We really loved it.

Beside another table inside, we had the tranquillity of this tucked away little gem to ourselves.

It is a very peaceful place to enjoy such well cooked food.

We ended with a Café Mocha and muffin to share. Everything was fresh and delicious, and I know that when I want to escape from the hustle and the bustle of life, I will be back to the most serene haven under the South African sun. In fact, I will be back next week with a book and a reorder of the same meal. It was so good!

Mandi Edison


November 2018