Review of Leadville 7 October 2018

A friend and I met for lunch on Sunday at Leadville. She had said that she wanted to confide in me about a problem that she was having in her marriage. Well we couldn’t have chosen a better restaurant. It was just perfectly quiet for us to sit and chat without anyone overhearing or trying to talk over background noise.

We thoroughly enjoyed our food. I ordered a Sweet Thai Chicken Bagel and my friend ordered a gypsy ham and mozzarella flat wrap. We both commented on how delicious the meal was. Apparently, we found out that Reload make their own bagels and they are made the original way as they make them in The Bronx. It was so delicious that we will definitely go back to work our way through the bagel section.

I enjoyed what I imagine is the best chocolate milkshake in Cape Town. It was absolutely fantastic. My test is always to see how firmly the straw stands and it more than passed the test.

We shared a waffle which was indescribably perfect. It was crispy with just the right amount of syrup and ice cream.

My friend ordered an Americano and as a real coffee addict, didn’t stop raving about it. In fact, she called me this morning to ask if we could meet for a quick coffee again today!

It was really the perfect place for our needs and the food way exceeded our expectations. This branch is a real hidden gem.

I wanted to write about it as I want people to know about it. It is tucked away in total tranquillity. We will be back lots more.

Kyla Sue De Bruin