Review – Mandi Lee Jenkins

I had heard that Reload had a branch at Leadville but had not been until Friday lunch time.

I met up with a few friends for lunch. We were so impressed. It is a hidden gem. It was very quiet and I thought to myself that I must spread the word so that more people can enjoy this super place. That is why I decided to write in to your website.

I am so fond of your other two branches, so was delighted to find this one.

It was super chilled and relaxed.

I ordered the German Bockwurst Roll which was absolutely divine. I am still tasting the fried onions. Yum! My husband had the Turkish Eggs. I thought that he was going to eat the frying pan. He loved it, especially dipping his toast into that sauce. One of our friends had the Humus wrap and also enjoyed it. Someone else in our company had the open omelette and said that it was fantastic.

Coffees of all descriptions flew throughout our lunch as we sat chatting for over two hours. I think it was because of the super chilled vibe and the music. I had a double espresso. I love that because you can really taste the coffee in its most undiluted form. It was heaven. My husband had a cappuccino and a latte and enjoyed both. Our one friend had a Red Cappuccino which she always has when we go out. She said that this one was the best.

We seriously loved Reload Leadville and will be going back. It’s really cool.

Mandi Lee Jenkins