Review from the Gym Ladies!

Every Tuesday, our small group of gym ladies try out a different restaurant / coffee shop for a light bite. Today we went to Reload Espresso Bar at The Piazza Square in Parklands. Wow, what a stunning experience! There were six of us and we all tried something different, although we also tucked into each other’s meals as they looked so amazing!

Jenna ordered the BBQ Chicken and Mushroom Flat wrap. She raved about it saying that the blend of ingredients just work. The generous filling in the wrap was just bursting with flavour.  She really enjoyed it. We watched her woof it down!

Janine is watching her weight and so she ordered a bun-less Chicken burger, great for those banting and battling the bulge. I had a bite myself and found it so tender and tasty! We all mentioned that it was really a visual work of art. We all actually spoke about the fact that the presentation of the food of each of our dishes was really fabulous. I will honestly say we all felt that the taste was in line with the presentation.

I had the Copenhagen Bagel filled with Gypsy ham, cheese and salad and topped with the most delicious mayo which complemented the ingredients, pulling it all together with fabulous flavours. I really battled my way through it as it was a mammoth amount, but I kept going as it was a magical experience. I was so full after that.

Tania is a vegetarian, so she ordered the Quinoa and Chickpea burger. Now that looked awesome, not just for the vegetarian or health nut, but for everyone! Who would’ve ever thought that healthy could taste so good! We all had a taste of Tania’s food and have to say it was just bursting with flavour. I have never been attracted to healthy vegetarian food, so it pretty much took my arm to be twisted but I found it a compelling combination of ingredients.

Laura had the Bun-less beef burger which was a tower of taste! She said that the burger was so succulent and juicy, and we were told that it’s homemade. It looked simply sensational. Very veggie!

The waitron mentioned that all the food is made on site, even the bagels and the bread!

Brenda ordered a Falafel Salad consisting of falafel balls also made on site. It looked like a mountain of Mediterranean goodness.  The Tahini dressing drizzled over the dish was delicious.  She always goes for the Light and healthy and today she was enthralled at how totally tasty it was!

By the end of this amazing meal we were all feeling like we were about to roll out of the restaurant.

The quantities are very generous and definitely offer excellent value for money.

We couldn’t resist the baked cheese cake. It was screaming at us from the display section. We ordered one piece between us, each having a mouthful. We all said that it was the ultimate BEST most unbeatable Baked Cheese Cake we have ever had.  What an oral explosion! Wow it was a super sensational, mouth-watering experience and a great excuse to come back! We may need to start with that next time so that we have adequate room!

We all ended off with coffees, cappuccinos and lattes which were great. This could well be a regular haunt as there is so much else on the menu that we would love to try. We are sorry that we hadn’t started coming to Reload any sooner.

I felt I really wanted to send some feedback because we were all so happy with what we had. That doesn’t always happen. Normally one of us is disappointed with one of our meals, or the restaurant gets something wrong because there are always six of us. What a treat. It all went so smoothly.

Possibly next time, the group will be even bigger!

The Gym Girls!