Lot’s of exciting things are in store…….in store!

At our Reload store at Flamingo Square, exciting changes and introductions are underway. It’s still a work in progress, so keep popping in to see what’s new. You’ll love it! At the same time, enjoy a cuppa of the best coffee in town while perusing the menu for your favourite dish, or maybe venture out and try something new!

We have enclosed our outside area to protect our little guests from running into the car park. You will also see many new pot plants as well as 4 new wooden containers in which to grow our own home- grown organic produce. This is something that Reload has always done.

Inside the store, you will see a wall unit of beautifully displayed cacti. These are for sale. Our artificial plants that are in aluminium buckets on the floor, are also for sale. They truly look so real, that one would never know the difference. Our plight to save water continues.

What’s most exciting, as you will see when entering the store, is an empty space! You may well be wondering what could possibly be exciting about an empty space. Well, the good news is that within the next few weeks, RELOAD RAW will be opening in this space. It is our new and exciting little raw store that will offer organically grown produce.

Keep an eye out! Watch this space, or better still, pop in!

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