Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Review of Leadville November 2018

After experiencing the most delicious lunch on Sunday at Reload, Leadville  Dog Park, I felt that I wanted to write a review. I am not sure how well it is known, and it really should be. I had seen it on Facebook so decided to visit, so called my dog – friend to join me. Read More

Review on Leadville Reload Espresso Bar

A friend and I popped down to Leadville on Saturday. It was a wonderful day and the sun was shining.It was so nice to see how the grass has grown due to our heavy rains and that as a result, the dogs were back at play,and there were plenty of them. The restaurant was nice and quiet and relaxing, so we could just sit back and enjoy which is what we had planned to do...Read More

Review of Reload Espresso Bar Parklands Piazza

I had to write in and say thanks to Kilaan for recommending the Turkish eggs breakfast. I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to trying new dishes and am always hesitant to try something that doesn’t sound like my “cup of tea”. Kilaan had previously suggested I try the Quinoa burger (as I am a die hard regular of Reload).  Read More

Review of Reload Espresso Bar Flamingo Square

As a regular of my favourite coffee bar, I popped in with my husband on Saturday morning for a quick breakfast before venturing on to do our shopping at Woolies.I have found a new fix – the Café Mocha. I just can’t get enough of it. Without a shadow of a doubt, Reload makes the best Mocha. My husband enjoyed a double espresso which is always good. Read More

Review of Leadville 7 October 2018

A friend and I met for lunch on Sunday at Leadville. She had said that she wanted to confide in me about a problem that she was having in her marriage. Well we couldn’t have chosen a better restaurant. It was just perfectly quiet for us to sit and chat without anyone overhearing or trying to talk over background noise.  Read More

Review from the Gym Ladies!

Every Tuesday, our small group of gym ladies try out a different restaurant / coffee shop for a light bite. Today we went to Reload Espresso Bar at The Piazza Square in Parklands. Wow, what a stunning experience! There were six of us and we all tried something different, although we also tucked into each other’s meals as they looked so amazing! Read More

Review from Mandi Lee Jenkins!

I had heard that Reload had a branch at Leadville but had not been until Friday lunch time. I met up with a few friends for lunch. We were so impressed. It is a hidden gem. It was very quiet and I thought to myself that I must spread the word so that more people can enjoy this super place. That is why I decided to write in to your website.Read More

Review on our visit to Reload Espresso Bar Flamingo

Being new to the area, my husband and I took a drive around to see what we could discover in the vicinity. I needed to pop in to Woolworths at Flamingo Square which proved to be fortuitous. Unbeknown to us, we came across a coffee shop which was just what the doctor ordered. We are always game for a coffee shop as it..Read More