While we’ve established that RELOAD ESPRESSO BAR is your favourite go-to place for numerous reasons, let’s get into the “essence” of the core of the business.

Being a coffee shop, we have made sure that we sell the finest coffee and that it’s what our customers love, ensuring that you will keep on coming back for more. While we pride ourselves on supreme service, fresh, tasty and beautifully presented food, how good would we be if our COFFEE wasn’t great!

For that reason, when opening the business five years ago, we had to make sure that we chose the best roasters in Town. Not just one that was great with service delivery, price or packaging, but one that produced the best grind so that we could produce the most awesome coffee for you, our customers.

For that reason, we chose FLATMOUNTAIN ROASTERS. They are certainly a large contribution to our success story. They are the guys who add flavour to RELOAD.

Flatmountain Roasters are micro roasters inspired by authentic coffee origins who pay tribute to Cape Town’s heritage and its craft masters. They are an operation located in the heart of the Mother City who continue to pursue the passion for coffee, artisan roasting principles and craft culture. Flatmountain Roasters pride themselves on preparing, sourcing and meticulously roasting with love and respect for each coffee bean and its unique nuances.

The bean that we use at RELOAD is called the Malawi Mzuzu, obviously originating from the soil of Malawi. It has a magnificent aromatic full flavour and is a medium bodied coffee, making it a safe choice for the palates of coffee lovers across the board. It has a distinct fresh berry like flavour.

Because we know how much you love our coffee, we’ve made a plan for you take it away with you. You are always welcome to either sit down and enjoy a great cup of coffee or take it away with you. However, for those who need a fix several times a day while at home or at the office, we sell this exact roasted bean in a packet so that you can always have it close by when the craving arises.

What better than to wake up and smell the coffee!

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